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With hundreds of online casinos and bookmakers competing for business online, punters have access to an unprecedented variety of free bet offers when they sign up with new accounts.

Many sports fans and casino gamers look for the best special or free bet and then sign up with that sportsbook or casino, however, in doing so they miss the opportunity to make huge profits through free bets offers.

A Simple Trick

One of the easiest ways to convert a free bet into real cash is to open two accounts, which offer similar value free bets at the same time.

For example, a quality UK betting Guide informs visitors that Bookmaker A and Bookmaker B are both offering $50 in free bets to new account holders.

Both of these offers require the punter to make an initial deposit of $50, and then place a bet on an event in order to qualify for the free bet.

To earn a profit from this situation a punter simply needs to open accounts at each bookmaker and deposit $50 into each account.

The punter can then look for a single sports betting market that offers even odds on either of two outcomes, for example, Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal, with both players priced 1/1.

The punter can then back a different player in each sportsbook for $50. This guarantees a free bet payout of $100. One player is certain to win, generating a $100 cash return on the bet.

This means that the overall stake has been returned, and the punter is also left holding either $100 in free bets or even better, a $100 matched deposit.

There is literally no way to lose money using this strategy, which can only be used by punters who hold more than one online sports betting account.

Getting Started


The key to starting this process is to find a high quality UK betting guide that offers UK Sportsbook Reviews.

Sites like Gambling Guru not only offer up-to-date information on the latest free bet specials offered by the most reputable UK sportsbooks, but also give punters the opportunity to learn which online sportsbooks offer the best betting specials, customer service and diversity in betting markets.

Opening numerous sports betting accounts via UK betting guides has other advantages. The betting guides often offer useful odds comparison tables that assist punters in finding the best prices for their selections. By using a variety of online bookmakers, punters ensure that they always generate the highest possible returns on their bets.

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